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A1 the water-based composite

Since the beginning of this new millennium A1 (Acrylic One) material has been successfully applied world-wide in various Cladding products and applications.

Besides the well-known benefits of composites (freedom of shape, light weight and strong), A1 has a superior fire resistance and absence of smoke generation during fire.

The components are a powder component based on calcium sulphate (CaSO4) and an acrylate-based liquid. After mixing off these components the resin can be processed to make products.

The resin is water-based and does not generate the emission of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Solvents). Additional filler (e.g. sand) can be added to the mixture as well.

Specially in combination with a glass fibre reinforcement, thin-walled products can be made with a complex shape and with a low weight.

Because of the short curing time, short production times are possible. This enables an efficient production process.

A1 gives you freedom of design

A1 gives you the freedom to create what your own design. Not only can A1 imitate expressions like bricks, concrete, wood or even natural stone but this can be done in almost any complex form and shape.

A1 has excellent fire ratings

Classification of reaction to fire performance in accordance with EN 13501-1:2002: 

A1 LP01 and A1 Triaxial Fabric: B-s1,d0

+ sand (35% of mass A1): A2-s1,d0


A1 LP01 in accordance with ASTM E84-15b:
– Flame Spread Index (FSI): 20
– Smoke Development Index (SDI): 15

A1 claddings are lightweight

Comparable to GRP A1 panels are glass fibre reinforced. Most A1 Cladding projects consists of panels with a thickness of only 7 mm. This results in a weight off approx 15 kg per m².

If desired foam materials can be used as a core material for A1 Claddings, resulting in an even better weight/m² ratio.

Freedom of expression

You need to duplicate an existing structure but is the original material not suited or not available anymore. You need concrete feel and look without the weight of concrete. You need the feel and look off wood but with high fire resistant properties. You need a huge brick wall but the support structure is not strong enough for real bricks. You need a natural stone feel and look but real natural stone is too expensive.

In all these cases A1 might be your answer.


When you need (for example) a brick, a concrete, a natural stone or a wooden expression, but the original material is not available or possible anymore, then consider using A1.

A1 will make perfect copies by using a silicone mould. Use fillers and pigments to get the desired expression.


Give your existing building a complete new feel and look. Because of the freedom of shape, expressions and lightweight properties A1 is the ideal material to upgrade your building with a complete new façade. 

Often the the existing background support structure will be suited for the attachment of your complete new A1 façade.


Create unique designs as A1 gives you the freedom of a composite material.

Combine this with your own mixture of fillers and pigments to develop your own feel & look. The result will be designs that are impossible to realise in other materials but more important are a reflection of your imagination.