A selection of A1 Cladding & Façade projects

Central Park Utrecht

Project date: 2021
Where: The Netherlands – Utrecht
Made by: Curve Works

How it’s made:
The 360 m² free-form ceiling is made of Tempera panels. Lightweight sandwich panels with water-based resin. Blind-mounted, with integrated sprinklers and air circulation vents.

Fly-over Amersfoort

Project date: 2015
Where: The Netherlands – Amersfoort
Made by: Van Boekel and Be Concrete

How it’s made:
The side panels are made of A1 with an aluminum structure. The weight is now 150 kg per panel, which if in concrete would be a tenfold.

Hotel - Istanbul

Project date: 2015
Where: Turkey – Istanbul
Made by: Suberta

How it’s made:
In the Sultanah met area in the Turkish city Istanbul a successful A1 project has been finished. Both the stone and wood façades are made of A1.

Olympic Hotel - Amsterdam

Project date: 2018
Where: The Netherlands – Amsterdam
Made by: Poly Products

How it’s made:
A1 was mixed with sand and applied in a mould with brush, roller or by spraying. Several layers of A1 Triaxial fibre were used to reinforce the panels.

Church in Dobieszowice - Poland

Project date: 2015
Where: Church in Poland (Dobieszowice)
Designed by: Jacek Kicinski

How it’s made:
The lightweight panels where made in a silicon mould and nicely connected on side.

Columns shopping centre - Zoetermeer

Project date: 2009
Where: Zoetermeer
Made by: Vazupol

How it’s made:
Columns were made by using a mould. A1 was mixed with yellow sand reinforced with several layers of A1 Triaxial fibre.

Church in Bà Nà Hills - Vietnam

Project date: 2014
Where: Da Nang – Vietnam
Made by: Sunland Group

How it’s made: A1 project located on Bà Nà Mountain which includes a replica of a French town, a church, shopping mall, restaurants etc.

Legoland Flagship Store - Amsterdam

Date: 2019
Where: The Netherlands – Amsterdam
Made by: Poly Products

Ahoy - Rotterdam

Project date: 2011
Where: Ahoy Rotterdam (indoor event center) 
Made by: Kool Polyester

How it’s made:
A1 with layers of A1 Triaxial fibre, finished with a red/orange coating. Because of the fire retardant properties A1 was chosen, to replicate the fine wood structure of an original wooden panel.