Mixing the A1 liquid with the A1 powder results in a mixture that can be casted or glass fiber reinforced laminated in almost every shape or form. The A1 mixture will find every detail of your mould producing a perfect copy of the original. 

From a flat panel to a column with a wood structure, this video will show you how to create Freedom of Form.

After watching our A1 Texture video we expand the use of A1 in complexe shapes and forms in this video. By working with a wide range of different mould materials A1 cladding elements are produced that make Freedom of Design come true. Or make it possible to have the feel and look of other (natural) materials without using them.

It is possible to add many different fillers, pigments and metal powders to the A1. This allows you to give the A1 the desired expression. 

Frequently used filler materials in A1 Cladding elements are dried sand, very fine stones and marble powder. 

In this video we show you the result after adding pigment and/or fillers to the A1 element.